Our Team

Kelly Thompson – Director


Kelly Thompson

I am extremely proud to be a part of the Emmaus team.  My career for many years has been devoted to developing and delivering services for homeless individuals in the city of Hull.  I have a  genuine interest and  passion around supporting those who access homeless services,  those most in need of social inclusion and support.   I am very much looking forward to establishing the Emmaus model in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire  which will have a huge impact on homeless provision in the city.  If I were to summarise Emmaus in a few words those would be:  Inclusiveness, Life Changing and Empowering.

Tel:         07539029323

Email:    kelly@emmaushull.org.uk


Alex Slater – Operations Manager


Alex Slater

I am really excited to be a part of Emmaus Hull & East Riding,  I think the model is fantastic, I am really looking forward to driving business forward and ensuring that Emmaus is recognised for its great contribution to local communities and developing skills and enterprise!

Tel:         07539040756

Email:    alex@emmaushull.org.uk




Kelly Louise Meacock – Development Community Leader


Kelly Louise Meacock

Previously I worked in a logistics background and after long thought returned to University to begin a new career helping people. Whilst through University I volunteered for a variety of services which have connected me with beginning a career in helping the homeless. I am passionate about the Emmaus ethos, principles, vision and value and feel privileged to not only be able to work with the companions who reside with us but to be a part of a charity that makes a genuine difference.


Tel: 07539029298


Simon Collinge – Enterprise Manager


Simon Collinge

I am honoured & excited to be part of the wonderful community of Emmaus Hull & East Riding.

I firmly advocate, in life, what you do reflects what you believe. Through my career in the Medical Device Manufacturing Business, I have been fortunate to work with some truly wonderful people, and I am equally excited about the opportunity the Companions at Emmaus Hull have created. Life on Lockwood Street is genuinely inspiring and I hope that in my own way I can lead and assist the community on to even greater achievements through the world of work.

Emmaus has a rich heritage which is reflected in the types of social enterprises we partake in. Through our commercial effort, we will sustain a community rich in talent, each person able to take a full and constructive role in the community & society at large.

Email: simon@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539029739

Caroline Russell – Community Support Worker

Caroline Russell

I have worked within homelessness now for 13+ years and am excited about my role with Emmaus as Community Support Worker and working with a fresh new approach to tackling the issues around homelessness.

Its good to be part of a new dynamic team which is building a new community for companions to belong.

It’s refreshing to see our companions’ thriving within the social enterprise aspect of the community but also how as a community they are growing stronger and coming together.

Email: caroline@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 01482 223722







Paul McClean – Community Living Support Worker

Paul McClean

Email: paul@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 01482 223722






Lisa Porter – Freedom Centre Shop Manager

Lisa McMurray

Lisa McMurray

I am happy and proud for the opportunity to start working with the emmaus community.. I have a real passion for people , and giving a little bit back to helping others less fortunate . This is a new venture for myself, which I am looking forwards and helping it to thrive and grow. I believe in this charity and looking towards building and understanding the emmaus values, and what it stands for . I am privileged to be part of this amazing team, and excited to watch it grow from strength to strength..

Email: lisa@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 01482 710124



Mark Stephenson – Logistics Operator


Mark Stephenson

Having worked as a volunteer I was really happy to get the opportunity to have a full time job with Emmaus.  I work with a great team of companions and staff and look forward to coming to work every day to make a contribution to a very worthwhile organisation.

Tel: 07539030203





Lucie Carroll – Rough Sleeper Outreach Worker: East Riding

Lucie Carroll

I am really excited to be joining the team at Emmaus. I have a real passion for helping people and feel privileged for the opportunity to be part of an organisation that makes a real difference in people’s lives and in the community. I am looking forward to getting stuck in with the team, and together transforming lives and giving people hope.

“I am a firm believer in everything Emmaus stands for” 

Email: lucie@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539029314




Emma Hartley – Rough Sleeper Outreach Worker: Hull

Emma Hartley

I am really proud to be part of the Emmaus Hull & East Riding community, I have spent most of my career working in the homeless sector across the City supporting those in need. I believe in Emmaus module and what it stands for. I feel privileged to be working with an amazing team that is proactively and dedicated in delivering the Rough Sleeper Outreach Service, I am very excited to watch the service grow from strength to strength.

Email: emma@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539029312