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Homeless Charity HullHARP funds a sustainable shelter coordinator at Emmaus

HullHARP, a  local homeless charity has provided funds for an extra member of staff at Emmaus to reduce rough sleeping and homelessness during Covid 19. Director of Emmaus Hull and East Riding, Kelly Finnis said;  “Firstly, we’d like to thank HULLHARP for this generous and kind offer. During this global pandemic charities like our own are facing substantial financial loses. This funding will go a long way in making a huge difference. As a city we are dynamic in our approaches to reducing rough sleeping and citywide partners continue to work closely together to deliver a variety of solutions to meet a diverse range of needs. This funded post will work with those in very temporary accommodation in Hull & the East Riding, our existing Outreach teams, and our many partners to collectively secure longer-term solutions. Thank you once again to HULLHARP for coming forward and making this happen” HULLHARP Chair, Sandy Smith said “Our Trustees have been following the work the Outreach Team at Emmaus have been undertaking over recent months. One of the issues we identified was a shortfall in intensive work with those rough sleepers who have been housed through the Council. We believe this is a […]

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Case study: building trust

The Emmaus East Riding Outreach team have been helping an older chap who has been homeless for 2 years now and has not really been engaging with the team. The rough sleeper has always kept himself to himself. In relation to housing the team spoke with his local council to see what they could offer. The council told the team that they might be able to look at a priority need for housing, but the rough sleeper did not want to sign the paperwork for the council to speak to his doctor. Due to him saying no to this the local council could only help with support with a bond or rent in advance but he would have to go back to the council building and talk with them. The rough sleeper did not make any more approaches to the council so we looked at different types of accommodation but every time we have got a step closer, he  said to us that he was okay and did not want to access accommodation and he would sort out everything himself. Due to this rough sleeper been very private surrounding his life we have had to gain his trust. The team […]

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Case Studies in Hull: April 2020

Patient Partnership The outreach team have been working with this rough sleeper for over 3 years. In that time, we have supported him to many places i.e. probation, hospital and DWP. He has spent time in and out of prison but every time he has come out of prison he has returned to the streets. It has been a difficult time for him due to him having physical and mental health problems. He has been in many accommodation providers but due to him mentally breaking down he has been asked to leave. He was running out of options and it was looking like if he did not find somewhere to live then there was a high possibility that he would end up back in prison. The outreach team was trying our best to avoid this option because it would just strip him of his freedom. This guy was crying out for help but even when we got him into places that could help with his mental health, he was asked to leave due to his behaviour. At the start of March, he was asked to leave accommodation, but we told him that it was getting difficult for us on the […]

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the 2.6 challenge

We’re doing loads of 2.6 Challenges!

Both staff and companions are getting involved in a series of 2.6 challenges.  Here’s a list of what we’re doing. Keep your eye on our social media for videos and photos of the different activities. Download a sponsorship form To donate £1, text MUSB01 to 70201 * To donate £3, text MUSB01 to 70331 * To donate £5, text MUSB01 to 70970 * To donate £10, text MUSB01 to 70191 * Read what it’s all about. * Fundraising, payments and donations will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme (Charity No: 1149800), operating as DONATE. Texts will be charged at your standard network rate. For Terms & Conditions, see

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Case study: support with respect and dignity

Alison has been working closely with a Gentleman who has been entrenched in rough sleeping for over five years,  for over eight weeks Alison kept going to the gentlemen’s tent  and at first was talking to a closed tent door with only a voice replying yes and no, over an eight week period Alison and the gentlemen was building up a rapport and  having a few laughs with comments about not opening the tent until one day on our welfare check he came out, from there the Emmaus team visited on a regular basis and with a very slow approach and gained the gentleman’s trust, Alison has since taken the man to the job centre and applied for benefits, attended the ERYC to present as homeless, the doctors, estate agents, applied for furniture grants through the Hinge and council tax. All the above has happened with a very slow approach and the gentleman’s trust has been a big issue and he is a very proud man and accepting help is something he has never done, Alison met for a coffee with the gentleman and he argued with Alison who was paying for coffee for the Emmaus team, we had to […]

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uk fisheries

UK Fisheries donate 7000 fillets to feed vulnerable through Coronavirus crisis

A huge donation of delicious frozen fish will help feed people in the Humberside region for months, local charities have said. UK Fisheries, the Hull-based operator of Britain’s distant-waters fishing fleet, has responded to the pressures faced by charities amidst the Coronavirus crisis by donating a total of 1.2 tonnes of frozen cod to food redistribution charity FareShare Hull & Humber and Emmaus Hull and East Riding. The donation of over 7,000 standard 170g fillets[1] was transported free of charge by Yorkshire food wholesaler Turner Price, making this a local team effort which will help to feed hundreds of vulnerable people in the region over the weeks to come. FareShare and Emmaus particularly welcome the food donation at a time when fish is a seasonal favourite. Jodie Colgrave of FareShare Humber & Hull, which distributes food to 128 charities and community groups throughout the region, said: “FareShare is committed to ramping up its support during the COVID-19 crisis, providing vital food supplies each week to charities and schools across Hull and the wider area. We welcome the cod donated by UK Fisheries, which is needed now more than ever and will make a big difference for the projects and vulnerable […]

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Case study: East Riding – April 2020

Alison has been working closely with a young lady who found herself homeless in Bridlington over the past six weeks. Alison attended meetings at the Hinge and with a multi-agency approach, Natalie, Nathan from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Alison found the young girl accommodation. All three did not let the coronavirus stop them from getting the lady into her new home pulling out all the stops and on monday the lady got her keys and moved in with a furniture package provided by the East Riding Council.  The package enabled the lady to move into her new home  fast and get her off the streets.  The lady is now engaging with other services and receiving support and moving her life forward in a very positive way.

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Trusting the team

Alison has been engaging with  a gentleman who has been rough sleeping for many years. Over the past six weeks Alison has kept visiting and trying to engage and offer support. The gentleman has now started to trust the team and is starting to engage. We are hoping within the next few weeks that the gentleman will come and look at a property with the intention of him coming off the streets full time.

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Case Study – Hull: March 2020

The outreach team received a report from a member of the public to say that there was a gentleman sleeping under a bridge. The team wasted no time and visited this gent straight away to find out what the circumstances where to why he was sleeping on the streets. When we got there, we found it to be a new rough sleeper. The surroundings that he was in were not the best there was needles, rubbish and children lighting fires near to where he was bedding down. I spoke with the gent and asked him if he would come indoors but he said that he would go get help and did not need our support. We appreciated this and did ask a couple more times if he would like us to ring emergency accommodation or if he needed help with anything. He still refused. A day later we went to complete a welfare check and see if he would consider coming with us to try and see if we could sort out some emergency accommodation. We checked under the bridge, but he was nowhere to be seen and all his belongings had gone and even the mattress he was sleeping […]

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