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International Microvolunteering Day

‘Many people doing small actions can make a big impact’ Thursday 15th April is International Microvolunteering Day! This is a day to promote awareness of microvolunteering and how people can spare a small amount of their time doing bite-sized actions that have a positive impact. Be our eyes and ears   Our outreach team cover miles of ground both on foot and in our Emmaus vehicles to ensure we are engaging with anyone who could be facing homelessness or sleeping rough. However, the more eyes and ears the better! If you see anyone who could be sleeping rough in the Hull and East Riding area, please call us on our freephone line 0800 0662169 or via our social media platforms. By contacting us you could be signposting support for someone who really needs it. Donate to us We heavily rely on your donations that we can sell and raise funds for our charity. These can include most types of furniture, small household goods, clothing, books, bric-a-brac etc. You can either drop these off at our main site on Lockwood Street in Hull or if you give us a call on 01482 223722 ext. 1 we can arrange a free collection […]

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Gavin’s Story

Enterprise Leader Gavin Temple shares his inspiring story of how he progressed from companion to employee at Emmaus Hull and East Riding. The year building up to me coming to Emmaus was pretty bad. I lost everything in my personal life including my job and my home. It all spiralled out of control. Everybody I knew from my past disappeared and no one was there to help me. I was too embarrassed to go cap in hand to people. And then a landlady of a pub I used to frequent sent me the link for Emmaus UK and I went through the online porthole. In August 2019, Emmaus Hull got in contact with me. I came up here and I’ve never looked back. It’s the best secret I ever found out about. It’s absolutely brilliant and I feel like I embraced it completely. When I arrived I tried my hand at everything and I did my best at everything I was doing. The first port of call was being on the shop floor. I just started moving things around on the shop floor, polishing and cleaning stuff. I suppose that got noticed and I got given a bit more responsibility. […]

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Terry Waite

Many thanks to our volunteers from Terry Waite

As we are slowly coming out of the third national lockdown, we have been reflecting on the past year of the pandemic and how much of an impact our volunteers have had on our frontline service. From March 2020 our volunteers have never hesitated in their decisions to continuously support our outreach service, supporting individuals sleeping rough in what were uncertain and challenging times for us all. From the beginning of the first national lockdown it’s safe to say nobody knew how the next year would look and it was a year that we will never forget. We want to say a huge thank you for the time and efforts of our volunteers who have supported us throughout, as well as some new members that have seen how the pandemic has affected our charity and the wider local community and wanted to offer a helping hand. Our Emmaus UK President, Terry Waite, has also recognised the contribution of our volunteers and has created a video of appreciation for them.

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Support in the BeLoved Project

  We are now delighted to be supporting Jed and Kim Johnson in the BeLoved Project to raise funds for a support worker to continue with their fantastic work with children and young people with Special Needs in the Ukraine. To read more about their work visit:

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Case Study March 2021

The outreach team have been working with a rough sleeper for 10 months on and off. We first came across him bedded down on a mattress that he found on the street. He initially told us that he was waiting for a friend and he will be going to stay with them later on. We kept visiting the area to make sure that he was not there and had indeed gone to go and stay with his friend. We went there day and night and when we visited, he was there 90% of the time. We asked him where his friend was, but he would say that he is still coming. This story went on for weeks and we knew that his friend was not coming. We understand that he might have felt embarrassed to tell us that he was rough sleeping but us as a team we do not judge people or want to make them feel embarrassed, we are just there to help as much as we can. We kept visiting him, but he would not engage very well with the outreach team, we made sure that he had warm clothes and bedding. We tried to see if he would […]

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Erica’s Story

Erica became a trustee of Emmaus Hull and East Riding in February 2021 and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge after 39 years in the NHS. I’ve had a long career in health and care services. I started off as a nurse working in learning disability services. I then progressed throughout different aspects of health and social care including work in Mental Health and Acute Hospital Services. I’ve worked in both operational and commissioning roles and always had an interest in working with vulnerable people; looking to improve outcomes and address health inequalities. That has always been a particular interest to me and even more so now that the recent pandemic has highlighted the need to bring more focus to support people who are already disadvantaged. How did you first get involved in EHER? I have been aware of EHER through my work at Hull CCG. Emmaus have been a key partner in some of the community and voluntary sector work that we’ve done. Then more recently I was approached by one of our CCG members of staff who said that Emmaus were looking for another trustee and would I be interested? So, I did my own research into […]

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Louise Hand Warmers

Thank you Louise!

We’re sending out a big thank you to one of our volunteers, Louise Lawlor. Louise already does a sterling job by turning out on shift every week in all weathers but further surprised us recently. She had been affected by the plight of one of our female rough sleepers recently when speaking to her on a particularly cold Bridlington seafront. The lady highlighted the difficulty in getting her hands and feet warm. As a result that evening Louise set up a funding page and very quickly reached her target and beyond. As a result we have been able to supply hand and feet warmers along with hot water bottles and inflatable pillows to many rough sleepers just as the cold weather impacted at its highest. We cannot thank Louise enough for this contribution.

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Case Study: February 2021

The Outreach team have been working very hard during February to combat homelessness. We have been working nonstop to ensure that anyone that is either homeless or at risk of homelessness are given the advice and support to prevent or help them to find alternative accommodation and not have to spend a night on the street. The Outreach team work with individuals that are entrenched and have been on the street for years. Regarding the people that are entrenched and living on the street, it could take weeks, months and years to build a relationship with and once they feel that they can trust you, it will help to enable them to possibly think about the idea of coming indoors. For some of the rough sleepers that we have that are entrenched it is vital that we work with them around all aspects of their life because some people are on the street due to a whole of array of issues that they have experienced in the past or present. For some of these people the thought about going indoors is daunting and can be scary when they have got used to living on the streets. We work closely with […]

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Case Study: January 2021-2

At the start of January, I came across a man who we used to see quite often on the street last year. It turned out that he was homeless again. He approached us outside of one of the hostels on his bike and told us that he was no longer able to return to his HMO as he was accused of drug dealing. We asked if he would like us to get in touch with housing options to try and get him into a hostel for the night. He said yes, but he needs to go somewhere first and would be back in 10 minutes. We gave him a meeting spot and waited there for half an hour, but he did not return. Whilst we were waiting for him, I did some investigating into his situation. I called around the hostels and he was banned from one of them but the other had a main room available and suggested that we work quickly to try and move him straight into a main room. Because the man did not return, we tried to find him but he was nowhere to be found. A few days later the man was walking around […]

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Case Study: January 2021

The Outreach team was alerted by the police to a vulnerable adult that was rough sleeping the night before due to a relationship breakdown. We went to visit the rough sleeper and he was very grateful that we went to see him as he was afraid and did not know what to do. We asked him some questions to guage what services needed to be involved and what the best help would be for him. He told us that he has a brain injury and that he also has other underlying health conditions and that if he is alone on the street he could deteriorate very quickly and become seriously ill. This gentleman suffers with seizures due to his brain injury and he said that they are more frequent when he is stressed. He told us that he had one last night due to stressing about being on the street. The outreach team walked down to a place called Park Street which is an assessment centre for the homeless. He was assessed by the Riverside staff who determined that he would not be suitable for hostels. He was offered a stay on an e-bed at Park street, but he refused […]

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