Case study: building trust

The Emmaus East Riding Outreach team have been helping an older chap who has been homeless for 2 years now and has not really been engaging with the team. The rough sleeper has always kept himself to himself.

In relation to housing the team spoke with his local council to see what they could offer. The council told the team that they might be able to look at a priority need for housing, but the rough sleeper did not want to sign the paperwork for the council to speak to his doctor. Due to him saying no to this the local council could only help with support with a bond or rent in advance but he would have to go back to the council building and talk with them. The rough sleeper did not make any more approaches to the council so we looked at different types of accommodation but every time we have got a step closer, he  said to us that he was okay and did not want to access accommodation and he would sort out everything himself.

Due to this rough sleeper been very private surrounding his life we have had to gain his trust. The team spent many hours making sure that we tried our best to help him with any of his needs. The rough sleeper always told us that he would be moving from place to place but we always managed to see him 9 times out of 10 sleeping in the same place. He told us that he would ask us for help when he needed it, but over a period he has gained our trust and he has now become more confident and started to talk with the team more.

There has been a real positive outcome with this rough sleeper because he is now going to be moving into a temporary flat provided by the East Riding council this week. There will be a support worker visiting him regularly, working with the gentleman to find a permanent home, helping to set up everything with him, such as bank accounts, benefits, medical help and support. This is a massive result for the team as he we have gained his trust he is now going to be off the streets and safe in the next week which is a massive steppingstone in his life. We have told him that it is going to be a struggle to get used to the environment due to not being indoors for a long period of time but if there are any problems, he can chat with his support worker.

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