Case Study December:2

It is getting colder and colder outside and we are now in the height of Covid-19. It is a scary world to be living in especially for the people that are living on the streets. We are working day in and day out to get rough sleepers off the street. We have been working closely with all the services which include; Renew, Assertive engagement team, The Pathways team, Humberside police, Purple house, Hull City Council and Soup kitchens which provide food for the homeless, some of whom have provided this all throughout the pandemic. Without the vital support that these services provide we would not be in the good position we are in today in Hull, continuing to have low numbers of rough sleepers on the street. We are getting one step closer to ending homelessness but there is still a lot to be done. The outreach team will now be focusing on welfare checking people that are rough sleeping and making sure that if they do have to sleep outside we are helping them with their mental health, physical health and pointing them in the right direction to speak with the services that can help them further than what we can provide. The winter severe weather emergency protocol kicked in over the Christmas period and we were able to work with Hull City Council and get rough sleepers indoors due to the temperature dropping below zero. Some of the people that we were able to get indoors due to the cold weather have now gone on to be accommodated temporarily until the council are able to find them a more permanent accommodation. Even though it is temporary placement for some people it helps to keep them warm and we can go and see them the next day and provide as much support as possible. We will sit with them and fill in forms or giving them warm clothes/bedding to keep warm when the temperature is above zero degrees.

We have been following government guidelines and will continue to follow them and make sure that we are keeping ourselves safe and making sure that we are keeping rough sleepers safe during this pandemic by providing them with PPE and hand sanitizers. I have been speaking with rough sleepers and they said that they are anxious about what is going on in the world and especially in Hull surrounding Covid-19 but we are trying to keep them calm and tell them that we are looking at all options surrounding accommodation.

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