Case Study: February 2021

The Outreach team have been working very hard during February to combat homelessness. We have been working nonstop to ensure that anyone that is either homeless or at risk of homelessness are given the advice and support to prevent or help them to find alternative accommodation and not have to spend a night on the street. The Outreach team work with individuals that are entrenched and have been on the street for years. Regarding the people that are entrenched and living on the street, it could take weeks, months and years to build a relationship with and once they feel that they can trust you, it will help to enable them to possibly think about the idea of coming indoors. For some of the rough sleepers that we have that are entrenched it is vital that we work with them around all aspects of their life because some people are on the street due to a whole of array of issues that they have experienced in the past or present. For some of these people the thought about going indoors is daunting and can be scary when they have got used to living on the streets. We work closely with agencies in Hull to make sure that if the entrenched rough sleepers want some support, they will be a top priority.

We have had people that with just one phone call or email it has prevented them from coming outdoors and visa versa where it helped them get indoors. We have been giving people constant advice and support to make sure that they know what their options are and whom they can go to seek further help. For example, drug and alcohol services or mental health. Since we have done a Rough sleeper count early this month, we have seen the numbers drop dramatically. This is either due to us finding people that night and helping them into accommodation or working in partnership with Hull City Council to make sure that they are aware of anyone that is rough sleeping and what the action plan is for that individual. Once people are indoors, we will alert all services that have been working with them and make sure that they are aware of their whereabouts so that they can continue the support whilst they are indoors.

The numbers in Hull for February started off at 15 and now with the help from all the agencies we work with in Hull we are now down to 5. This is a massive achievement from all and we will continue to give 110% to make sure that we help anyone that will be on the streets on a night

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