Case Study – Hull: March 2020

The outreach team received a report from a member of the public to say that there was a gentleman sleeping under a bridge. The team wasted no time and visited this gent straight away to find out what the circumstances where to why he was sleeping on the streets. When we got there, we found it to be a new rough sleeper. The surroundings that he was in were not the best there was needles, rubbish and children lighting fires near to where he was bedding down. I spoke with the gent and asked him if he would come indoors but he said that he would go get help and did not need our support. We appreciated this and did ask a couple more times if he would like us to ring emergency accommodation or if he needed help with anything. He still refused. A day later we went to complete a welfare check and see if he would consider coming with us to try and see if we could sort out some emergency accommodation. We checked under the bridge, but he was nowhere to be seen and all his belongings had gone and even the mattress he was sleeping on. We kept checking regularly each week but there was no sign of this gent.

A couple of months went by and we had no more reports or sightings of this male. The outreach team decided to trial a night shift to see if we could see anyone bedded down overnight. During the night shift we came across some rough sleepers that we have not seen before and managed to speak with them and offer advice and support. We were just doing one last sweep of Hull before heading back to the office. It was great that we did as we came across a guy under a bridge. It turns out to be the guy we spoke with under a bridge before who disappeared the next day, he told us that he had being moving around a lot. We got chatting and asked if he would consider Emmaus and he was well up for the idea of coming into Emmaus. Within a matter of days, he got a room at Emmaus.
There are two real positive outcomes too this and these are, we are now doing 1-night shift per month as we found it to be a very positive experience and we found new rough sleepers to help. The second positive is that the guy who we got into Emmaus is working hard and is enjoying it here and is very grateful that we got him indoors. Even though he was faced with adversity, he has always tried to keep positive and he has now got a place he can now call home.

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