Case Study: January 2021

The Outreach team was alerted by the police to a vulnerable adult that was rough sleeping the night before due to a relationship breakdown. We went to visit the rough sleeper and he was very grateful that we went to see him as he was afraid and did not know what to do. We asked him some questions to guage what services needed to be involved and what the best help would be for him. He told us that he has a brain injury and that he also has other underlying health conditions and that if he is alone on the street he could deteriorate very quickly and become seriously ill. This gentleman suffers with seizures due to his brain injury and he said that they are more frequent when he is stressed. He told us that he had one last night due to stressing about being on the street.

The outreach team walked down to a place called Park Street which is an assessment centre for the homeless. He was assessed by the Riverside staff who determined that he would not be suitable for hostels. He was offered a stay on an e-bed at Park street, but he refused due to not wanting to share with others as he has had bad experiences in the past due to having seizures and people stealing off him. I told him that I would ring the homeless team within Hull City Council and see what they could provide. I asked if he could be placed somewhere quiet so that he is not at risk from anyone. After some deliberation it was agreed that he could stay at one of the Hull City Council’s emergency accommodations where he would have his own room and that he could lock this on a night and feel safe. The rough sleeper was over the moon with this and said that he will present there later as he wanted to go and see a friend and get his medication to take with him to the emergency accommodation. As we were saying goodbye to him he started to walk into the traffic and this is when alarm bells started to ring in our heads. He previously told us before that if he starts acting confused and starts stroking his face then he is going to have a seizure. With thanks to Christine a volunteer for Emmaus she was able to catch his head before it hit the ground. An ambulance was called, and he was taken to hospital, I later had a phone call from him, and he said that he had left the hospital and was confused. He told the team that he was going to rough sleep tonight due to not been able to get to his emergency accommodation due to not knowing where it was. I made a call to Humberside police and they were brilliant and was able to pick him up from where he was and take him to the emergency accommodation.

The Emmaus rough sleeper outreach team would like to thank the following: Hull City Council, Riverside, Humberside police, Paramedics and Armed police who stopped to give support to this rough sleeper. All these services played a vital role in helping this rough sleeper to make sure that he was safe and that he would not be rough sleeping on the streets.

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