Case Study: January 2021-2

At the start of January, I came across a man who we used to see quite often on the street last year. It turned out that he was homeless again. He approached us outside of one of the hostels on his bike and told us that he was no longer able to return to his HMO as he was accused of drug dealing. We asked if he would like us to get in touch with housing options to try and get him into a hostel for the night. He said yes, but he needs to go somewhere first and would be back in 10 minutes. We gave him a meeting spot and waited there for half an hour, but he did not return. Whilst we were waiting for him, I did some investigating into his situation. I called around the hostels and he was banned from one of them but the other had a main room available and suggested that we work quickly to try and move him straight into a main room. Because the man did not return, we tried to find him but he was nowhere to be found.

A few days later the man was walking around town and he came over to us to apologise for not coming back. We asked where he was and he said that he had to take care of some things. It was my assumption that he was drug dealing. The man asked me about emergency accommodation and I told him that if he had return to me that day, he could have skipped straight from the emergency beds and into a main room. He was upset by this and realised his mistake. He spoke with housing options and they said that unfortunately there were no emergency beds available that day. We recommended that he should try after 10pm to see if any become available due to people not showing up. Or if there wasn’t to try and find a friends house to stay in that night so that he wasn’t street homeless. We gave him some warm clothes as it was a cold day.

A week after our first contact date we came across this man again and I went over to him knowing that there was an emergency bed available for him that night. We called housing options quickly and they filled out a SPOC form with him. After this process had finished we managed to get the man into the hostel for emergency accommodation.

I came across this man again two days ago and he was very grateful. He came to us saying that he was happy and has been moved into a main room now. He looked clean and fresh and appeared to have new clothes on.

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