Case Study – July 2019

The Outreach Team went to support a rough sleeper that was living under a bridge in the City. The rough sleeper was identified as a male and was already known to the Outreach Team.  The team have been supporting this male for approx. eighteen months.

We quickly established what support was needed and began working with the rough sleeper, at first, he was very reluctant to come indoors because he wanted to stay outside.  The Outreach Team carried on supporting him for several months, each time asking if he was ready to access a Hostel and each time it was a no!

The Outreach Team again asked if he was now ready to come inside, the weather had been quite bad for over a week, it took us by surprise when he said he wanted to come into a Hostel.  A phone call was made to the Wilson Centre and a referral was made to the Hostel.  He was put on an Emergency Bed which he would be able to access every night until a room became available.  He was only waiting three days before he was allocated a room.  He got settled into his room and we arranged to meet him in town the next day to see how he was getting on.

It was soon established by the Outreach Team that he was going to still need support form us with setting up his Universal Credit Claim and support to obtain a bank account.  We gathered all the documents he had and took them along to Lloyds Bank in the City Centre.  The Outreach Team have a fantastic relationship with them as they are sympathetic to the needs of the rough sleepers and their lack of identification.  All the documents were sent off to head office.  Several days later it came back that this rough sleeper would be allowed to open an account with them.  Once we had the account set up, we them started the process of starting a new Universal Credit Claim.  We supported him with his first identification meeting and set up appointment to register with a local GP Surgery.

This rough sleeper is now doing extremely well; he is still accessing his room at the Hostel and continuing to attend all his appointments.  He has also said to the Outreach Team that his next step is to get a job, coming off benefits and supporting himself and hopefully move on into a flat or maybe a shared house.


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