Case Study – July 2021

Jesse from the Outreach Team has been working continuously with a gentleman to help him maintain his property and various issues that he was facing. He was living in temporary accommodation but was then moved into a more permanent property. However, he was requesting Jesse’s help most days with problems that he was struggling with, and he was on the verge of becoming homeless. The gentleman explained that he had not had any electricity or hot water for nearly a year and that he did not have any furniture within his property. He also had not spoken to universal credit for a long time and his claim was stopped at one point due to lack of engagement. This was difficult for the gentleman as he required a translator each time he needed to contact the job centre which was sometimes difficult to arrange. In the height of Covid-19 he was unable to turn up in person at the job centre and explained that he was unable to communicate over the phone. This individual was also struggling to maintain his property as he was unable to speak English and the services that he was contacting were not able to understand him or needed to provide translators to help make it easier for this gentleman. As a result, he came to the Outreach Team for help and we were able overcome the challenge he was facing by liaising with services directly and we ensured that if he had an appointment that we were there to support him. We have now applied for his settled status and just awaiting confirmation on whether he has been granted status within the UK. The gentleman has always been grateful for our help and we ensured he was supported consistently and efficiently.

We are pleased that this gentleman has settled into a property that he can now call home and he is very happy that we have helped him throughout his journey. He now has a tenancy support officer that picks up any problems that this gentleman has, and she is able to liaise with other agencies to make sure that if any other problems arise, she can look at finding a solution.
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