Case Study – May 2019

The Outreach Team were out in the City Centre when they came across a rough sleeper bedded down in a doorway on Silver Street.  We approached and Identified that it was a male around 30-40 years of age.  As we approached we stated that we were Emmaus and was part of an Outreach Team that supported rough sleepers.  We established his name and some of his details then engaged into a conversation with him as to what he wanted.  He stated his name was AD and he had been sleeping rough for about a week in different parts of the City.

The Outreach Team sat with AD and asked him what his plans were and how we could help him.  He stated that at this point he didn’t want any support but knew where we were if he needed us.

Several days later we came across AD in a different door.  We approached him and again engaged in conversation regarding his needs.  This time AD stated that he was ready to come indoors as the last few days on the streets for him had been very difficult.  The Outreach team asked him what he would like, to which he said he wanted ideally to get a flat and be able to live an independent life.  We explained to AD that it may be very difficult to get a flat straightaway, but would he accept a Hostel for the time being.  After some deliberation AD agreed to going into a Hostel on an Emergency Bed. The Outreach team called Dock House to see if there was an Emergency bed available to which there was.  AD name was put down for this bed and we informed him that he needed to present himself to Dock House at 8.30.  We also informed AD that if he keeps presenting himself each night he will eventually get a room.  AD present himself for approx four nights, in the end AD was offered a room to which he is still accessing.

A few days later AD also asked the Outreach team if we could support him with obtaining a doctor’s appointment as he needed medical attention due to having a DVT.  The Outreach team called the Quays and made an appointment for him that day and again we supported him to this appointment to enable him to obtain the medical treatment he needed. AD is now on medication for his DVT and is being supported with all his accommodation and medical needs.

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