Case Study: November 2020

The Emmaus Outreach team have been working with a guy who has been on and off the streets for over a year now. We have tried numerous times to engage with him, but it is very hit and miss with this chap. Over the year that he has been rough sleeping we have secured him numerous beds across the city some of which he has turned up for but most of the time said he did not want to access the accommodation offered. We have also been working with his mental health worker and trying to get him to engage with this rough sleeper but with no success. This rough sleeper is very hard to engage with, but we must try and gain his trust so that when we do see him, he can have a chat with us about his problems. We did manage to secure him a room at a hostel where he stayed for a month but unfortunately was asked to leave due to his behaviour, so we were back to square one and he was now back on the streets. It was now approaching winter and we were getting more and more concerned about his welfare due to it getting colder and that he was not equipped with any items that would help him keep him warm apart from a thin duvet. We kept asking him if he would like to come indoors and each time, he would either not speak to us or refuse.

We made the decision one night that we would do an overnight shift due to it going to drop below zero and we went around Hull offering anyone that was rough sleeping a place to stay due to the weather. We came across this rough sleeper and he was freezing cold and said that he could not keep himself warm and we offered him to come indoors for the night and he said that he would appreciate this. We spoke to out of hours council and they placed him into some accommodation just for the night on the prospect that if he behaves, he would possibly be able to stay there temporarily until they found some suitable accommodation. We signposted the rough sleeper to where the place is he was going to stay; he agreed and went on his way there. We checked an hour later to make sure that he went, and he did which was brilliant. He has now been in the emergency provision for a week and Hull City Council are looking at a more suitable accommodation that will be somewhere he can call home.

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