Case study: support with respect and dignity

Alison has been working closely with a Gentleman who has been entrenched in rough sleeping for over five years,  for over eight weeks Alison kept going to the gentlemen’s tent  and at first was talking to a closed tent door with only a voice replying yes and no, over an eight week period Alison and the gentlemen was building up a rapport and  having a few laughs with comments about not opening the tent until one day on our welfare check he came out, from there the Emmaus team visited on a regular basis and with a very slow approach and gained the gentleman’s trust, Alison has since taken the man to the job centre and applied for benefits, attended the ERYC to present as homeless, the doctors, estate agents, applied for furniture grants through the Hinge and council tax.

All the above has happened with a very slow approach and the gentleman’s trust has been a big issue and he is a very proud man and accepting help is something he has never done, Alison met for a coffee with the gentleman and he argued with Alison who was paying for coffee for the Emmaus team, we had to agree to take turns on each meeting.

The man always stated he would not move out of Hessle area as his elderly mother lives  there and he needs to care for her, also his family and friends where in Hessle so this was a very big block which could stop this man from leaving his tent in Hessle as he was adamant he was going no were but Hessle.

When the coronavirus came Alison met the man and sat and talked at length about the implications on his health due to him having underlining conditions, the man agreed to move into a B&B but only for a the short term, Alison kept in contact and visited the man regularly, finding a personal fridge, sandwich toaster and the basic items for his room. Alison kept liaising with the ERYC and an offer of a flat was given to the man in Anlaby, Alison was unaware this had been offered and man turned it down to the council straight away as he said it’s not near his Mum or his workplace. Alison spoke to the council once she knew and found out the address, Alison and the council agreed this was a very reasonable offer to the gentleman and should not be turned down, Alison asked the council if they could hold the offer of the flat and  not take the offer away until Alison had spoken to the Gentleman. Alison then looked on google earth and printed off maps and put a plan together with times to get to and from the house offered to the gentlemen’s work and to his Mums and arranged for a bicycle through Emmaus to make the journey quicker.

Alison sat and discussed the offer with the gentleman at length showing him the area and time scales for travel to and from his work and Mums and then arranged to go and look at the property with him. Once we had visited the property the man agreed to take the property and very happy to move into the area.

Alison has now gone on to support the gentleman with his benefits for his housing and council tax and has put appeals out to the public for basic household items, such as bedding, kettles, microwave which we now have ready for his move in date next week.

Emmaus and the East Riding council wish the gentleman above many years of happiness in his new home.

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