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September 2022

The Hull outreach team were working with four people that have been living in a tent for a long period of time. There were various issues surrounding bank accounts, status, benefits and health. We worked with all four of them to make sure that everything was set up for them so that they would not have any major issues before moving into a property. They all found it difficult sleeping on the streets, we provided blankets, duvets and other things to make sure that they were safe and warm on night. Emmaus worked very closely with Hull City Council and managed to secure a property for these four rough sleepers. The rough sleepers were delighted about the news, and they were so happy to be able to call somewhere home. There were some issues with the property and after some time it was all set up and ready to go. It was paramount that everything was set up within the property because if not they might get frustrated and return to rough sleeping. We got the go ahead to move them in, Emmaus visited their tent and told them that today was the day that they were moving into their […]

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Case Study April 2022

The Emmaus team recently worked very closely with an individual who had been in temporary accommodation for quite some time after a relationship breakdown. This person called Emmaus one day recently after receiving an eviction letter stating he must leave the property the following day. This person was horrified at the thought of living on the streets saying he would never be able to cope at his age. The East Riding Team quickly called the council who kindly agreed to extend his stay so long as the team provide an in-reach service. The team quickly got to work recognising that this person would make a great tenant. After applying to all that was available, the individual received a call to view a flat nearby.  This chap was very nervous on the day of the viewing as he didn’t want to get his hopes up. However, the viewing went really well, and he was offered the property. Acquiring this property also meant that he could stay close to his family which meant the world to him. Two weeks later, and will the help of the team, he finally moved in and had a place to call his own. The team were […]

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Case Study March 2022

The Emmaus Hull team have been working with a chap who has recently just become homeless, we secured him many of emergency beds, but he was just finding it difficult to attend these beds on a night-time. He struggles with alcohol and when he is drinking, he forgets where he needs to be. We perceived and we kept getting him emergency beds in the hope that he would turn up to them and not be sleeping on the street. After 2 weeks of trying and many times not turning up for any beds, he admitted to us that he has been messing us around and was genuinely sorry for doing this. The team liaised with Hull city council and was able to luckily secure him a main within a hostel. The team told him that this was his best chance to get off the street and that he could present there today, the team rang the hostel later in the day and he turned up for his room. The moral of this is that you need to be patient with people and not give up on them because they might not turn up to places and forget about needing to […]

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