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Case Study – sofa surfing

Alison P has been working with a gentleman who had been sofa surfing and rough sleeping for over four months.  He was a victim of domestic violence but would  not report this to the Police or accept support for this at the time of being on the streets. The Gentleman was drinking alcohol excessively to compensate for the situation he had found himself in.  A situation that had been going on for many years. Alison built up trust with the gentleman over time and a move out plan from the marital home into a temporary crash pad was arranged.  Ongoing work and support is now being offered in the crash pad with Simon and Alison. The gentleman is now working with the Alcohol service and has been referred for support with the domestic violence team. This is the first time he has ever accepted this help. The team will be working with the East Riding Council to arrange a permanent housing solution within a twelve-week period.  A furniture package will be included in the move on and white goods funding will also be applied for.

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July Case Study – KS

The team had been working with a chap who was staying under a bridge just outside the city centre for around 8 months. He wasn’t always there when we went and we soon found out the best time to find him there was the weekend. He had very limited English and didn’t really want to engage with the team. We even tried to use translation devices, but he refused to speak into them. He did tell us that he was working at one of the factory’s in the town but wouldn’t tell us which agency he was working for. We had spent months going to speak to this individual, trying to offer support and help with documents and accommodation but he didn’t engage with the team. During the early months of lock down this individual was given some where to stay. He stayed in the accommodation, but he made no effort to engage with the services that were made available to him to over the 3 months he was accommodated. They tried to help him with his settled status and help him obtain the correct and relevant documents to help with this, but he didn’t listen to the advice and […]

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July Case Study – KK

The Hull outreach team have been working with a guy who is originally from Poland. He had no intention of moving back there as he said he has settled in Hull. We did say that there is a scheme that would enable to get back to Poland for free, but he politely declined this. In the height of Covid-19 this rough sleeper was very anxious about accommodation due to not wanting to be in hostels for fear of catching Covid-19. This rough sleeper did have a few medical concerns and he was alcohol dependant. We worked with other relevant agencies such as Hull City Council, Renew and the Quays to make sure that they could help with the issues that he was facing. Due to the rough sleeper sleeping outside and the amount of alcohol he was drinking per day it was having a detrimental effect on his physical health. We spoke to the rough sleeper and gave him some options. The only option that Hull City Council was offering at the time was a hostel. The rough sleeper took this even though he was very anxious about taken it but in the end thought it was the best option. […]

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Summer Case Study 4

We became aware of a male in his mid-thirties when speaking to Adult Social Services who was rough sleeping in a garage. He had not long returned to the East Riding from the North West following a relationship breakdown. He had also had a number of unfortunate events that had culminated in a downward spiral resulting in homelessness. We engaged with him and he presented well with no alcohol or drug issues which made him a good candidate to come into Emmaus as a companion. This application was successful and he came into Emmaus as a companion the following day after we had seen him. He struggled with assimilation into the Emmaus community as it wasn’t the right solution at that time due to the volume of people in the community and returned to the garage. We visited him at the garage and brought him into the East Riding Crash Pad to give him an address for him to correspond from, to engage with other agencies and for us to work with him to search for permanent housing. He moved into the ER Crash Pad successfully and it became apparent straight away that this was the better option for him […]

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Summer Case Study 3

The Hull Outreach Team came across a rough sleeper who said that he come from Leeds on the train and that he wanted to try and find his brother who was in Hull. This rough sleeper said that he did have accommodation in Leeds but did not wish to return. The team spoke with his support worker in Leeds and they said he was so close to getting permanent accommodation because he had been in a hostel for a year. Emmaus tried to find a bed for the rough sleeper, but he did not want to go into any emergency accommodation and said that he was fine sleeping outside. His support worker confirmed that he had mental health issues and that he is alcohol dependant and has been drinking alcohol for 9 months straight. I told the rough sleeper that we would come and find him the following day and support him to the relevant services due to it been late at night and no services were open. The next day we found this rough sleeper slouched in a bus stop and he said that he did not remember speaking with the team the day before and he told us […]

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Summer Case Study 2

The Outreach Team came across a tent during their shift. They approached it and found a young man inside. He was a little unsure at first and did not want to share much information with us. After getting into a conversation with him he told us that he has been released from prison with no fixed abode and had no where to go, so he was forced to sleep on the streets. He had no source of income and was not in receipt of any benefits. We worked with him to discuss his options with regards to housing. He said he had an appointment with the council housing options which he was going to attend that week. We encouraged him to go there and to explain his situation to them. We said we could help him to set up a benefits claim and he was happy for us to support him with this. The next time we visited he was a little more relaxed and he started to open up to us. He told us he was struggling with his mental health due to his situation and that he uses cannabis to deal with his thoughts. We advised that we […]

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Summer Case Study 1

The Hull Outreach team came across a chap who was rough sleeping near one of the hostels in the town after he was asked to leave due to his behaviour. He said his girlfriend had been taken to the hospital and was being kept in and he was worried about her. He said this was why he was acting the way he had been. He also made us aware he had various medical conditions and he needed to pick up his medication for these, while also needing some stitches removing from a wound to his eye. We contacted his partner to reassure him she was OK and in the best place to help her get better. We also accompanied him to the doctors and then the pharmacy to collect his medication and have his stiches removed. We then spent time with him trying to get some accommodation within other emergency accommodation in the city. We spoke to the housing team about this. Unfortunately he had been asked to leave other emergency accommodation due to behaviour recently and was unable to access the services there. We spoke to him about another accommodation option within the city which we could refer to […]

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Case study: building trust

The Emmaus East Riding Outreach team have been helping an older chap who has been homeless for 2 years now and has not really been engaging with the team. The rough sleeper has always kept himself to himself. In relation to housing the team spoke with his local council to see what they could offer. The council told the team that they might be able to look at a priority need for housing, but the rough sleeper did not want to sign the paperwork for the council to speak to his doctor. Due to him saying no to this the local council could only help with support with a bond or rent in advance but he would have to go back to the council building and talk with them. The rough sleeper did not make any more approaches to the council so we looked at different types of accommodation but every time we have got a step closer, he  said to us that he was okay and did not want to access accommodation and he would sort out everything himself. Due to this rough sleeper been very private surrounding his life we have had to gain his trust. The team […]

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Case Studies in Hull: April 2020

Patient Partnership The outreach team have been working with this rough sleeper for over 3 years. In that time, we have supported him to many places i.e. probation, hospital and DWP. He has spent time in and out of prison but every time he has come out of prison he has returned to the streets. It has been a difficult time for him due to him having physical and mental health problems. He has been in many accommodation providers but due to him mentally breaking down he has been asked to leave. He was running out of options and it was looking like if he did not find somewhere to live then there was a high possibility that he would end up back in prison. The outreach team was trying our best to avoid this option because it would just strip him of his freedom. This guy was crying out for help but even when we got him into places that could help with his mental health, he was asked to leave due to his behaviour. At the start of March, he was asked to leave accommodation, but we told him that it was getting difficult for us on the […]

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Case study: support with respect and dignity

Alison has been working closely with a Gentleman who has been entrenched in rough sleeping for over five years,  for over eight weeks Alison kept going to the gentlemen’s tent  and at first was talking to a closed tent door with only a voice replying yes and no, over an eight week period Alison and the gentlemen was building up a rapport and  having a few laughs with comments about not opening the tent until one day on our welfare check he came out, from there the Emmaus team visited on a regular basis and with a very slow approach and gained the gentleman’s trust, Alison has since taken the man to the job centre and applied for benefits, attended the ERYC to present as homeless, the doctors, estate agents, applied for furniture grants through the Hinge and council tax. All the above has happened with a very slow approach and the gentleman’s trust has been a big issue and he is a very proud man and accepting help is something he has never done, Alison met for a coffee with the gentleman and he argued with Alison who was paying for coffee for the Emmaus team, we had to […]

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