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Gavin’s Story

Enterprise Leader Gavin Temple shares his inspiring story of how he progressed from companion to employee at Emmaus Hull and East Riding. The year building up to me coming to Emmaus was pretty bad. I lost everything in my personal life including my job and my home. It all spiralled out of control. Everybody I knew from my past disappeared and no one was there to help me. I was too embarrassed to go cap in hand to people. And then a landlady of a pub I used to frequent sent me the link for Emmaus UK and I went through the online porthole. In August 2019, Emmaus Hull got in contact with me. I came up here and I’ve never looked back. It’s the best secret I ever found out about. It’s absolutely brilliant and I feel like I embraced it completely. When I arrived I tried my hand at everything and I did my best at everything I was doing. The first port of call was being on the shop floor. I just started moving things around on the shop floor, polishing and cleaning stuff. I suppose that got noticed and I got given a bit more responsibility. […]

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