IMG_6139--A companion is the word we use for those people who are part of our residential community at the Orchard.

How to become a Companion.

Homeless or sleeping rough?

If you are interested in joining our Community The Orchard, please ask your keyworker, day centre or night shelter to refer you to us. We will be advertising in the coming months our process of referral for Emmaus Hull. We anticipate the first Companions will join us later this year and we will be aiming to reach full capacity (30 beds) by spring 2016.

We take referrals from homeless agencies, probation services, healthcare professionals – anyone who cares enough to want to help someone improve their life. We are always happy to send out referral information, show you around our community or talk on the phone – we are keen to extend our network of agencies and organisations in this field.

Admissions policy

Our success depends on creating and maintaining a stable community and therefore before anyone is accepted detailed assessments of need and risk are undertaken. Emmaus Hull & East Riding will take applicants who present with complex problems provided the Community as a whole is able to support them.

The overriding principles in deciding on admission are:

  • whether the community can provide a safe environment for the applicant, the community and others and
  • whether the community can meet the needs and offer appropriate support to an applicant.

The Community is fully committed to an equal opportunities policy and will not discriminate on the grounds of the grounds of gender, marital status, age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, political opinion, disability, sexual orientation or past criminal convictions unless it can be shown to be justified.

Companions at Emmaus Hull & East Riding can expect the following from us:

  • A home
  • Work and an opportunity support the development of Emmaus
  • Weekly allowance
  • Healthy daily meals
  • Support package Companion centred
  • An opportunity to train and develop new skills
  • Access to gain qualifications
  • National & international opportunities as part of our national federation
  • Our referral pack will be available for download in the Summer.