Emmaus Hires their Companion – Read Darren’s Story here


Darren came to Emmaus as a companion in December 2018. Before coming to Emmaus Darren was a chef at a local kids center but he lost his job and he couldn’t pay rent following that and thus became homeless. He was on the streets for a few weeks. From December 2018, he worked with the outreach team and in the kitchen as a companion. He moved out in October 2019, with the opportunity to work as a chef at the Orchard since he had previous experience in the food industry. Emmaus has helped him gain great skills and helped build his confidence. Emmaus offers many courses for companions. Darren has completed safeguarding adults, first aid, mental health first aid and data protection. Emmaus offers a wide range of support. Everything from transitioning into normal life to gaining new skills.

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