Darren’s Outreach experience

I came on to Outreach in January 2019.  My first shift was very overwhelming as I hadn’t really come across rough sleepers, despite rough sleeping myself.  Rough sleeping in Beverley is different to Hull.  Being on Outreach has made me more confident, I’m now able to speak to people and relate my own experience with the people on the street in Hull.  I feel that being homeless at one point myself gives me the experience to support the most vulnerable on the streets.

What I have enjoyed whilst being on Outreach is been able to house some of the most entrenched rough sleepers.  I have done this with pride as I know I’m part of a team who’s supportive to people no matter what their circumstances were.  The hardest thing I have found was the paperwork, but the more I did It, the more confident I became.  I have also enjoyed doing all the training which is needed to enable me to do the job more effectively.  Being part of the Outreach Team is something I really enjoy and I’m hoping to join the team on a full-time basis eventually.  I feel that supporting the rough sleepers in Hull is very rewarding as I know I’m making a difference.


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