Data Protection Agreement and Awareness Policy for companions

We use charity log a computer data base system to store a record of your journey this system is fully GDPR compliant and is double password protected. The information is stored on a secure server and only Community Support Staff including the Community Leader have access to this. Some information will occasionally be transferred into an excel spreadsheet for reporting purposes.

We will also have a paper file that will contain signed copies of paperwork relevant to your journey with us. This information is stored in a locked filing cabinet and is only accessible by the community support team. Keys are kept in the possession of the support team always and there are no spare keys.

Information may also be sent on email internally or externally to statutory agencies. Information will be coded and identified as strictly private and confidential. Once information has been dealt with the email will be deleted.

All information stored is either in a lockable cupboard, password protected system and password protected computers.

How we use your data?

The data we collect on you is used to support your needs on your journey with us. It helps us assess risk to yourself, community, staff, volunteers and the public. Data can also be used to refer you into appropriate services that you have agreed with your support worker. The information also allows use to demonstrate that we are meeting what is outlined in our expectations and allows us to access further funding.

We also use your data to report to the board members on overall combined activity of the community and to provide a national quarterly report to Emmaus UK. The data is anonymised when used in this way.

Your data is stored for 2 years in our system and then after this paper documents are archived and kept in secure storage. Information stored in our CRM system is archived digitally. It is necessary to keep data for this long for auditing purposes.

Your Data rights

You have the right to be informed on how we use your data and when we share it. We will always tell you about the data we are collecting and when we are sharing it.

You have the right to access any data kept on you at any time. This request needs to be made in writing to the Community Leader and will be actioned within 1 month.

You have the right to rectification. This means if we hold incorrect information on you and this has been identified and evidenced we will ensure this is changed immediately.

You have the right to be forgotten. You can request once you have left our community for all your data to be anonymised. This needs to be presented in writing to the community leader and after the 2-year period we store information.

You have the right to restrict processing. You can limit how much information we store and share on you if we are unable to evidence the necessity of this. Where information is key to your development and safety we cannot restrict.

You have the right to data portability. You have the right to obtain your data and use it how you wish in other IT formats.

You have the right to object for your data to be used. Where there is severe risk or safeguarding concerns objections of data shared are void. Object for use to store your data may affect how we support your journey.

You have the right to automated decision making where there is no human involvement. You can refuse to have your data used for automatic responses.



I_________________, confirm that I have been informed about what data is collected on me, the reasons why, how it is stored and how long it is kept for. I agree to my data being used in this way and I fully understand.


Companion Signature: ______________________________________


I_________________, confirm that I have been informed of my rights in line with GDPR (EU) (2016/679) (EU) and I fully understand them. I have been informed of the processes involved in accessing my data.

I_________________, confirm that I understand information may be shared with other agencies, employers, professionals related to my journey at Emmaus Hull and East Riding. I understand that I will be informed who the information will be shared with and I have the right to refuse.

I_________________, confirm that I understand Emmaus Hull and East Riding have a duty of care to myself as an individual, other residents, the public, volunteers and staff members therefore if there are any safeguarding concerns information may be passed on without my consent.

Companion Signature: ______________________________________


Further information relating to our privacy policy is available in the Community Policy folder located in the lounge and on our website

If you have any questions, need further explanation or are interested in training around data protection then please speak with the community support team.