July Case Study – KK

The Hull outreach team have been working with a guy who is originally from Poland. He had no intention of moving back there as he said he has settled in Hull. We did say that there is a scheme that would enable to get back to Poland for free, but he politely declined this.

In the height of Covid-19 this rough sleeper was very anxious about accommodation due to not wanting to be in hostels for fear of catching Covid-19. This rough sleeper did have a few medical concerns and he was alcohol dependant. We worked with other relevant agencies such as Hull City Council, Renew and the Quays to make sure that they could help with the issues that he was facing.

Due to the rough sleeper sleeping outside and the amount of alcohol he was drinking per day it was having a detrimental effect on his physical health. We spoke to the rough sleeper and gave him some options. The only option that Hull City Council was offering at the time was a hostel. The rough sleeper took this even though he was very anxious about taken it but in the end thought it was the best option. Over the next week of being in a hostel the rough sleeper decided it would be safer in his tent then been surrounded by a lot of people. Hull City Council was outstanding and very helpful and they managed to place him into an HMO where he was able to have his own room and he would not be surrounded by a lot of people. This was a huge relief for him and it put his mind at ease during these tough times. We have since spoke to this rough sleeper and he is very pleased about the accommodation that he has been provided. There is also a floating support worker who visits him and helps with any problems that he needs to get sorted.

What we all have to understand is that when we all have a home to go to there are people that are sleeping on the streets fearing if they will make it through to the next day and an added fear surrounding Covid-19.

“In every crisis, doubt or confusion, take the higher path – the path of compassion, courage, understanding and love”.

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