July Case Study – KS

The team had been working with a chap who was staying under a bridge just outside the city centre for around 8 months. He wasn’t always there when we went and we soon found out the best time to find him there was the weekend. He had very limited English and didn’t really want to engage with the team. We even tried to use translation devices, but he refused to speak into them. He did tell us that he was working at one of the factory’s in the town but wouldn’t tell us which agency he was working for.

We had spent months going to speak to this individual, trying to offer support and help with documents and accommodation but he didn’t engage with the team. During the early months of lock down this individual was given some where to stay. He stayed in the accommodation, but he made no effort to engage with the services that were made available to him to over the 3 months he was accommodated. They tried to help him with his settled status and help him obtain the correct and relevant documents to help with this, but he didn’t listen to the advice and help given. He was then unfortunately asked to leave due to non-engagement.

Once he left the property, he went straight back to the site where he had previously been rough sleeping. We went back to continue working with him to see if he would work with us to help with his settled status and help with documents. He then mentioned for the first time that he had a sister who lived in Hull and he sometimes goes and stays with her . We asked if we could make contact with his sister and see if she needed help with the documents This offer was refused and he said he didn’t want us talking to his sister.

He started to work with the team and has been placed in some temporary accommodation while he works with the council to help him obtain his documents.

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