Our Team

Kelly Finnis – Director


Kelly Finnis

I am extremely proud to be a part of the Emmaus team.  My career for many years has been devoted to developing and delivering services for homeless individuals in the city of Hull.  I have a  genuine interest and  passion around supporting those who access homeless services,  those most in need of social inclusion and support.   I am very much looking forward to establishing the Emmaus model in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire  which will have a huge impact on homeless provision in the city.  If I were to summarise Emmaus in a few words those would be:  Inclusiveness, Life Changing and Empowering.


Tel:         07539029323

Email:    kelly@emmaushull.org.uk


Alex Slater – Finance & Fundraising


Alex Slater

I am really excited to be a part of Emmaus Hull & East Riding,  I think the model is fantastic, I am really looking forward to driving business forward and ensuring that Emmaus is recognised for its great contribution to local communities and developing skills and enterprise!


Tel:         07539040756

Email:    alex@emmaushull.org.uk



Paul Towle – Enterprise Lead

Paul Towle

Having previously worked for a training organisation running the Prince’s Trust programmes. I joined Emmaus Hull because I wanted a change of direction and wanted a new challenge. I am the cluster manager and I will be looking after the new Emmaus stores on Newland Avenue and Hessle Road within our social enterprise business. 


Email: paul@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07498296168



Julie Wheadon – Retail Team Leader

Julie Wheadon

After working in the charity sector for 13 years, I am really pleased to be given the opportunity to work within the Emmaus Team. I have been very impressed seeing how the support given enriches the lives of the companions and helps them reach the goals they are aiming for in life.





Gavin Temple – Retail Team Leader

Gavin Temple

I moved into the Orchard at Emmaus Hull and East Riding as a companion when I came up from London just over a year ago. After a pretty turbulent and testing couple of years I found myself falling on hard times. I was lucky enough to be accepted by The Orchard community and from then I haven’t looked back. I first started working in the superstore and the warehouse and also did quite a lot of work in the workshop ‘up cycling’ and refurbishing pieces of furniture which then went on sale in our outlets. Then, after working with the Outreach Team for around three months I was asked to take the lead in the Emmaus Emporium on Whitefriargate. I really enjoyed working in the outlet and became very passionate about making the shop a success. When the position of retail team leader became available I applied for the role and was absolutely over the moon when I was offered the role to become part of the team. I look forward to continuing in pushing the retail arm of Emmaus Hull and East Riding towards bigger and better things in the future whilst helping establishing Emmaus Emporium, Emmaus Newland and The Furniture Superstore as the number one charity retail outlets in Hull and the surrounding areas. Emmaus has definitely changed my life for the better. It’s helped me regain focus and direction. I feel honored to be beginning the next step of my Emmaus journey. Great things happen here.

Read his story here


Reagan Empson – Volunteer Coordinator

head and shoulders of Reagan

Reagan Empson

I find the whole concept of Emmaus truly unique and I feel privileged and so excited to be a part of the team. After studying for my Criminology degree I began working with individuals struggling with addiction issues and that was where I found my passion to help people change their way of life. I wanted to be part of the ‘real life’ environment of helping people and there is nothing more rewarding for me than seeing growth and change in people.

Joining the team as a Volunteer Coordinator is a new challenge for me, one of which I’m ready to get stuck in to. I have previously worked as a volunteer in several roles and also worked alongside some of the most dedicated and hard-working volunteers. I appreciate their value and how they can have a huge impact on the work that Emmaus do

Email: reagan@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07940357939

Danielle Welsh – eBay Coordinator

Danielle Welsh

I was thrilled to get the role as E-commerce Assistant at Emmaus. My background is in administration working  mainly in HSE and HR, I felt ready for a new challenge and one were my skills would be used to help improve my local community so the values and principles of Emmaus were something that really appealed to me. The companions and the staff inspire me every day to work as hard as I can to help the organisation fulfil its goals.

email: danielle@emmaushull.org.uk





Sue Gearing – Progression Worker

Sue Gearing

I am delighted to have been appointed as a progression worker at Emmaus. Their values and principles were something that really appealed to me. After working with children and families for the past 10 years I felt ready for a new challenge.
I would like to thank the companions and staff for a warm welcome and look forward to working with such a friendly team.

Email: sue@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539 029314




Sally Acton – Progression Worker

Sally Acton

I was introduced to the Emmaus model a few years ago by a colleague. I was immediately struck by how constructive and pro-active the community was.
The ethos of Emmaus and the strategies they use to positively impact the lives of the Companions is Inspiring.
look forward to this new challenge and being a part of the Emmaus Community.

Email: Sally@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539 030203




Mark Stephenson – Logistics Operator


Mark Stephenson

Having worked as a volunteer I was really happy to get the opportunity to have a full time job with Emmaus.  I work with a great team of companions and staff and look forward to coming to work every day to make a contribution to a very worthwhile organisation.

Email: mark@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539 029739



Allison Middlemas – Community admin and Finance

Allison Middlemas

I have been working alongside Emmaus for a while in my previous role teaching staff and companions first aid. I was really pleased when the opportunity arose during Covid-19 to join the Emmaus team. I am looking forward to helping people move on to their permanent accommodation.

Email: allisonm@emmaushull.org.uk





Jesse Bentley – Outreach Worker

Jesse Bentley

I am just starting out at Emmaus as a outreach support worker. It has always been a goal of mine to try to help and make a difference to people who are not as fortunate as the rest of us or in need of a little helping hand to get them to where they want to be. I feel by working at Emmaus, I will have a great opportunity to do so and I am very excited to get started. I can not think of a better company, with better visions, values and motives.


Email: jesse@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539 029298



Louise Lawlor –  Outreach Worker

Louise Lawlor

I am thrilled to be a part of the Emmaus East Riding team and to become a part of this wonderful charity. I joined Emmaus as a volunteer in July 2020 when I found myself at a loose end having graduated from university during a global pandemic where little opportunities were available. Being able to help others during this difficult period was something I really wanted to do, and so I was over the moon when I was offered the role as an outreach volunteer in the East Riding of Yorkshire and occasionally Hull.  Recently, an opportunity arose to enhance my role by becoming a staff member. It has been a long time since I was last employed having spent most of my time bringing up my four children and spending the last five years gaining qualifications that I did not acquire when I was younger. Becoming a staff member feels like the start of a new chapter in my life and I hope to use this opportunity to help enhance the lives of others and to help them begin their own new chapters.

Email: louise@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07498296168


Casey Fawcett – Outreach Worker

Casey Fawcett

To say I am proud to be part of the Emmaus team is an understatement. I have always loved the Ethos of Emmaus and have been following their progress from the Hull Superstore and The Orchards since its opening day. My life has been revolved around helping those in need and who are most vulnerable. Growing up in Honduras, my family built an orphanage for kids affected by HIV/AIDS, this cultivated a passion in me to serve those who are in need. Ever since Honduras I have been engaging with the homeless in various countries, singing at many charity fundraisers and now being able to help, full time in my home city, joining the battle in ending homelessness as an outreach worker. I hope that my passion and enthusiasm will help the Emmaus team bring rough sleeping to an end in Hull.

Email: casey@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539 029312



Stephen Robinson –  Outreach Worker

I am excited to have become part of the Emmaus family, especially the outreach team, where I feel we can and do make a difference to the people whose lives we assist in many ways. I am a people person and love the interaction with others on a daily basis. I come from a diverse working background and feel, with training, I can bring my experience to assist and guide the homeless of East Yorkshire on their  pathway as I have done on my new path by becoming an outreach worker.

Email: stephen@emmaushull.org.uk

Phone: 07852229483


Joby Warnes –  Outreach Worker

After many years of being homeless and very chaotic I joined Emmaus and travelled around the country, eventually settling at Emmaus Hull and East Riding where I worked with Outreach as a companion and really enjoyed the work. Now I work full time in the best job I’ve ever had with a great team. Thank you to Hull Harp for funding my position and giving me the opportunity to support the service.


Tel: 07722153236

Angela Shears –  Outreach Worker

My background includes working within various hostels and support services for young people, the homeless and rough sleepers. I was very pleased to be offered the job as an Outreach Worker with Emmaus because I feel the skills I have gained working in these areas will impact positively with the people I meet and work with. I hope to gain more knowledge and understanding of the challenges faced by rough sleepers and the agencies involved.

Email: angela@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07852228205.

Sophia Baines – Sustainable Shelter Coordinator and Outreach worker

Sophia Baines

2020 has been a tough year for me. Having ended a tough relationship, several heart-breaking personal losses, losing my job and accommodation in the space of an hour and lock down rules making certain places I could stay no longer an option. Then having spent 6 months sofa surfing It felt like it was just one thing after another; this in turn impacted my mental health. I found myself making bad choices, spending time with people up to no good and turned to excessive alcohol drinking and knew I needed a change. so I started to carry out some research and that’s when I came across Emmaus.

After making a referral I was granted a room and moved in to the Orchard in June. Soon after I started I was asked to go out with the Outreach team.  It is like no job I have ever encountered before. Bizarrely I had previously had an interview for a role at Emmaus and now I have gained the experiences needed to get the job.

Now that I am a member of the Outreach team I look back at my journey and can’t believe how different this time last year was for me. I have undertaken lots of training which will be beneficial for any future roles. I believe my lived experience helps me to connect with people on a different level.

Email: sophia@emmaushull.org.uk