Our Team

Kelly Finnis – Director


Kelly Finnis

I am extremely proud to be a part of the Emmaus team.  My career for many years has been devoted to developing and delivering services for homeless individuals in the city of Hull.  I have a  genuine interest and  passion around supporting those who access homeless services,  those most in need of social inclusion and support.   I am very much looking forward to establishing the Emmaus model in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire  which will have a huge impact on homeless provision in the city.  If I were to summarise Emmaus in a few words those would be:  Inclusiveness, Life Changing and Empowering.


Tel:         07539029323

Email:    kelly@emmaushull.org.uk


Alex Slater – Operations Manager


Alex Slater

I am really excited to be a part of Emmaus Hull & East Riding,  I think the model is fantastic, I am really looking forward to driving business forward and ensuring that Emmaus is recognised for its great contribution to local communities and developing skills and enterprise!


Tel:         07539040756

Email:    alex@emmaushull.org.uk




Kelly Louise Meacock – Community Leader


Kelly Louise Meacock


Previously I worked in a logistics background and after long thought returned to University to begin a new career helping people. Whilst through University I volunteered for a variety of services which have connected me with beginning a career in helping the homeless. I am passionate about the Emmaus ethos, principles, vision and value and feel privileged to not only be able to work with the companions who reside with us but to be a part of a charity that makes a genuine difference.


Tel: 07539029298


Bob Bunce – Warehouse and Logistics Manager

Bob Bunce

Over a forty year period I’ve undertaken roles both in the public and private sector and more recently founded, funded and managed an award winning social enterprise operating a community wood recycling project. I see and understand the benefits, both to companions and volunteers in offering and providing them with the opportunities to gain and develop skills whilst at the same time helping this Emmaus community to grow and to become sustainable.


Email: bob@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 01482 223722


Sandra Keeping – Retail Manager

I started at Emmaus as a volunteer and I fell in love with the place and people. I was able to help people to better themselves and I was surprised at how invested I became with the team. Emmaus is rewarding in every aspect not only is it doing good for a charity it’s an organisation that helps others. I find myself feeling rewarded for how well the compainions are willing to work and learn in the short time I have worked with them. Emmaus has given me a different perspective on my work life as I love to help people and the companians have spared me on with there positivity. I am so excited to be joining Emmaus and I hope to be apart of the team for a long time.


Email: sandra@emmmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 01482 326122


Astrid James – Retail Manager

Having a passion for helping others drove me to seek out this new, exciting management opportunity. Working with other like minded people is vastly rewarding as we feel like we all have the common goal.

The Companions have a fantastic work ethic and the sense of family is apparent.

Pulling together like this makes this role even more rewarding and I look forward to learning more and the future training opportunities to be provided


Email: astrid@emmaushull.org.uk


Caroline Russell – Community Support Worker

Caroline Russell

I have worked within homelessness now for 13+ years and am excited about my role with Emmaus as Community Support Worker and working with a fresh new approach to tackling the issues around homelessness.

Its good to be part of a new dynamic team which is building a new community for companions to belong.

It’s refreshing to see our companions’ thriving within the social enterprise aspect of the community but also how as a community they are growing stronger and coming together.

Email: caroline@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 01482 223722


Paul Rogerson – Community Living Support Worker

Paul Rogerson

Paul Rogerson

I have always enjoyed working in roles helping and supporting others as I believe this is where my skillset lies. For that reason, I chose to study Psychology and Coaching at university in addition to gaining relevant voluntary work experience in supportive settings. I have recently acquired experience of mentoring vulnerable adults at risk of homelessness through my voluntary work for local charity SWITCH. During my time at SWITCH, I supported service users into moving into a home of their own, access relevant support groups to improve their emotional wellbeing and provide guidance with benefit applications to boost their income.

I’m looking forward to joining the team at Emmaus, supporting the companions and promoting the strong community ethos present.

Email: paul@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 01482 223722


Mark Stephenson – Logistics Operator


Mark Stephenson

Having worked as a volunteer I was really happy to get the opportunity to have a full time job with Emmaus.  I work with a great team of companions and staff and look forward to coming to work every day to make a contribution to a very worthwhile organisation.

Email: mark@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539030203





Lucie Carroll – Rough Sleeper Outreach Worker: East Riding

Lucie Carroll

I am really excited to be joining the team at Emmaus. I have a real passion for helping people and feel privileged for the opportunity to be part of an organisation that makes a real difference in people’s lives and in the community. I am looking forward to getting stuck in with the team, and together transforming lives and giving people hope.

“I am a firm believer in everything Emmaus stands for” 

Email: lucie@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539029314




Emma Hartley – Rough Sleeper Outreach Worker: Hull

Emma Hartley

I am really proud to be part of the Emmaus Hull & East Riding community, I have spent most of my career working in the homeless sector across the City supporting those in need. I believe in Emmaus module and what it stands for. I feel privileged to be working with an amazing team that is proactively and dedicated in delivering the Rough Sleeper Outreach Service, I am very excited to watch the service grow from strength to strength.


Email: emma@emmaushull.org.uk

Tel: 07539029312




Jade Murphy – Intensive Outreach Worker

Jade Murphy

I have previously worked with female offenders and vulnerable women. I have supported individuals with multiple complex support needs such as substance misuse issues, those suffering from mental health distress, homelessness and domestic abuse victims.
I am really looking forward to beginning a new journey with Emmaus and contributing to the genuine difference that they help people to make in their lives!


Email: jade@emmaushull.org.uk



Richard Clark – Intensive Outreach Worker

Richard Clark

Hello my name is Richard and I am working for the outreach team in Hull. I have been working in catering for the past 8 years so the outreach team at Emmaus is a change of direction for me and one I’m very much looking forward to. I have many interests including walking (which ties in very well with the job) camping and spending time with the family.


Email: richardc@emmaushull.org.uk