We do not advocate giving money.  If they are rough sleepers, tell us and our team can offer constructive support.

Emmaus Hull & East Riding have delivered a Rough Sleeper Outreach service for Hull City Council and East Riding Council since 2016. Our companions who were formerly homeless have trained to become active Outreach workers, dedicating no less than 40 hours a week to supporting those most vulnerable on the streets of Hull and rural hot spots across the East Riding.  Experiencing homelessness themselves drives their unprecedented passion to help those most in need.

Our Team

Casey Fawcett

Jesse Bentley

Stephen Robinson

Sophia Baines

Louise Lawlor

Kelsie Oakley

Carly Richardson

  • Emmaus house at any one time 30 formerly homeless people at The Orchard. We support all those who live with us to get back into independent living and for some that also includes employment.
  • Emmaus develop enterprises with social values and in Hull alone we have opened 3 in the last 18 months.
  • Emmaus supports those on the breadline with heavily discounted furniture and items of need. We also in collaboration with other agencies support those vulnerably housed or in need.
  • In recent weeks homelessness has become a topic of great debate with many groups, individuals, and media stories all portraying different pictures.
  • What we find extremely disappointing and saddening is the derogatory and inaccurate comments on social media made by other groups/individuals about the hard work of others. When this includes the work of our companions we will always stand with them and be a voice that is heard.
  • There are enough people and social issues in this city to support in various capacities.  Solidarity and supporting those most in need is a  fundamental value of Emmaus.   A value that underpins our entire organization.
  • Be assured there is a vast amount of support and service options across the city for those experiencing homelessness.  There are services working everyday day of the year.
  • We are open and clear about our role and place in the provision of tackling homelessness.


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Case Study March 2021

The outreach team have been working with a rough sleeper for 10 months on and off. We first came across him bedded down on a mattress that he found on the street. He initially told us that he was waiting for a friend and he will be going to stay with them later on. We kept visiting the area to make sure that he was not there and had indeed gone to go and stay with his friend. We went there day and night and when we visited, he was there 90% of the time. We asked him where his friend was, ...
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Case Study: February 2021

The Outreach team have been working very hard during February to combat homelessness. We have been working nonstop to ensure that anyone that is either homeless or at risk of homelessness are given the advice and support to prevent or help them to find alternative accommodation and not have to spend a night on the street. The Outreach team work with individuals that are entrenched and have been on the street for years. Regarding the people that are entrenched and living on the street, it could take weeks, months and years to build a relationship with and once they feel ...
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Case Study: January 2021-2

At the start of January, I came across a man who we used to see quite often on the street last year. It turned out that he was homeless again. He approached us outside of one of the hostels on his bike and told us that he was no longer able to return to his HMO as he was accused of drug dealing. We asked if he would like us to get in touch with housing options to try and get him into a hostel for the night. He said yes, but he needs to go somewhere first and would ...
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Case Study: January 2021

The Outreach team was alerted by the police to a vulnerable adult that was rough sleeping the night before due to a relationship breakdown. We went to visit the rough sleeper and he was very grateful that we went to see him as he was afraid and did not know what to do. We asked him some questions to guage what services needed to be involved and what the best help would be for him. He told us that he has a brain injury and that he also has other underlying health conditions and that if he is alone on ...
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Case Study December:2

It is getting colder and colder outside and we are now in the height of Covid-19. It is a scary world to be living in especially for the people that are living on the streets. We are working day in and day out to get rough sleepers off the street. We have been working closely with all the services which include; Renew, Assertive engagement team, The Pathways team, Humberside police, Purple house, Hull City Council and Soup kitchens which provide food for the homeless, some of whom have provided this all throughout the pandemic. Without the vital support that these ...
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Case Study December

I met this man after my colleague started his settled status application with him because he is from a European country and he needed help as he was homeless and spoke very limited English. After this, he came onto my case load and I began to meet him. He lives in a tent but said that he only goes there after 1am and leaves early in the morning at 6am. These times are not during our normal working hours so we are planning to check if this is true when we do the monthly RSI count. In the meantime we ...
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Case Study – sofa surfing

Alison P has been working with a gentleman who had been sofa surfing and rough sleeping for over four months.  He was a victim of domestic violence but would  not report this to the Police or accept support for this at the time of being on the streets. The Gentleman was drinking alcohol excessively to compensate for the situation he had found himself in.  A situation that had been going on for many years. Alison built up trust with the gentleman over time and a move out plan from the marital home into a temporary crash pad was arranged.  Ongoing ...
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July Case Study – KS

The team had been working with a chap who was staying under a bridge just outside the city centre for around 8 months. He wasn’t always there when we went and we soon found out the best time to find him there was the weekend. He had very limited English and didn’t really want to engage with the team. We even tried to use translation devices, but he refused to speak into them. He did tell us that he was working at one of the factory’s in the town but wouldn’t tell us which agency he was working for. We ...
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July Case Study – KK

The Hull outreach team have been working with a guy who is originally from Poland. He had no intention of moving back there as he said he has settled in Hull. We did say that there is a scheme that would enable to get back to Poland for free, but he politely declined this. In the height of Covid-19 this rough sleeper was very anxious about accommodation due to not wanting to be in hostels for fear of catching Covid-19. This rough sleeper did have a few medical concerns and he was alcohol dependant. We worked with other relevant agencies ...
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Casey’s first experiences

The past 3 weeks of my introduction to working as a member of the Emmaus Outreach Team have been a steep learning curve. The amount of knowledge and care the staff have is incredible. My expectations for this role as an outreach worker were very broad. I did not know what to expect. I thought it would involve a ton of walking (which I was right about) but also, I actually expected to find a lot more homeless people on the streets. I attend Jubilee Church in the Hull City Centre and meet lots of new people every Sunday and ...
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We work with many agencies, locally and nationally including:

We are the national membership charity for organisations working directly with people who become homeless in England. We work to make services better and campaign for policy change that will help end homelessness.


Humber Help website aims to help co-ordinate information-sharing between all those whose lives are affected by the chaos of homelessness and the wide variety of local organisations that provide services of support to those in need.
In partnership with HullHARP, and supported by Hull City Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, and East Riding Voluntary Action Services our mission is to improve the communication of homelessness services and issues on three levels. Read more on our website.

We work directly with thousands of homeless people every year. We provide vital help so that people can rebuild their lives and are supported out of homelessness for good. We offer one to one support, advice and courses for homeless people in 12 areas across England, Scotland and Wales. How we help someone depends on their individual needs and situation. It could be with finding a home and settling in, getting new skills and finding a job, or help with their health and wellbeing. We use research to find out how best to improve our services, but also to find wider solutions to homelessness. Together with homeless people and Crisis supporters, we campaign for the changes needed to end homelessness for good