Summer Case Study 1

The Hull Outreach team came across a chap who was rough sleeping near one of the hostels in the town after he was asked to leave due to his behaviour. He said his girlfriend had been taken to the hospital and was being kept in and he was worried about her. He said this was why he was acting the way he had been. He also made us aware he had various medical conditions and he needed to pick up his medication for these, while also needing some stitches removing from a wound to his eye.

We contacted his partner to reassure him she was OK and in the best place to help her get better. We also accompanied him to the doctors and then the pharmacy to collect his medication and have his stiches removed.

We then spent time with him trying to get some accommodation within other emergency accommodation in the city. We spoke to the housing team about this. Unfortunately he had been asked to leave other emergency accommodation due to behaviour recently and was unable to access the services there. We spoke to him about another accommodation option within the city which we could refer to called Doorstep, but this could take some time and they potentially wouldn’t be able to house him immediately, but it would be a start. He became frustrated with this and walked away. The team carried on trying to find him some accommodation, but this was fruitless due to his previous behaviour.

We then spoke to one of the emergency accommodation providers who advised they would review their decision in a few days. We worked with him and visited daily to help him with doctor’s appointments. Two days later there had been a review and it was agreed he would be able to go and access the accommodation again but it would be his very last chance and if his behaviour didn’t improve he would be asked to leave again.

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