Summer Case Study 3

The Hull Outreach Team came across a rough sleeper who said that he come from Leeds on the train and that he wanted to try and find his brother who was in Hull. This rough sleeper said that he did have accommodation in Leeds but did not wish to return. The team spoke with his support worker in Leeds and they said he was so close to getting permanent accommodation because he had been in a hostel for a year. Emmaus tried to find a bed for the rough sleeper, but he did not want to go into any emergency accommodation and said that he was fine sleeping outside. His support worker confirmed that he had mental health issues and that he is alcohol dependant and has been drinking alcohol for 9 months straight. I told the rough sleeper that we would come and find him the following day and support him to the relevant services due to it been late at night and no services were open.

The next day we found this rough sleeper slouched in a bus stop and he said that he did not remember speaking with the team the day before and he told us that he is alcohol dependant. The rough sleeper said that he would like support in trying to get somewhere to stay and would like support for his alcohol and mental health. This rough sleeper was struggling to get alcohol due to not getting paid for a couple of weeks. The rough sleeper said that if he does not have enough alcohol, he will have seizures which was a major concern for the team. He also was supposed to be on methadone and if he did not return to Leeds within 2 days he was going to be out of treatment. The rough sleeper said that he was not going to return, and he wanted to be set up with Renew.

The rough sleeper had been in Hull for a week and we were working with him trying to get him into accommodation and at the back end of the week the rough sleeper presented at hospital in crisis and said that he was going to end his life. He was also withdrawing from alcohol and he has not had methadone for 5 days now. This is when Renew, Care Pathways team and Emmaus all were there to make sure that he got the help he needed. We all worked together and the Care Pathways team within the hospital managed to get him a bed due to it being a hospital discharge (it gave him greater priority of getting a bed for the night) and we kindly walked him there due to him not been from the area.

As part of the Emmaus outreach team we would like to thank everyone at the Care Pathways team in the hospital because they supported him whilst he was at the hospital. Also, we would like to thank Renew for liaising with Leeds to get him back on methadone and for help with his alcohol addiction.

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