Summer Case Study 4

We became aware of a male in his mid-thirties when speaking to Adult Social Services who was rough sleeping in a garage. He had not long returned to the East Riding from the North West following a relationship breakdown. He had also had a number of unfortunate events that had culminated in a downward spiral resulting in homelessness. We engaged with him and he presented well with no alcohol or drug issues which made him a good candidate to come into Emmaus as a companion. This application was successful and he came into Emmaus as a companion the following day after we had seen him.

He struggled with assimilation into the Emmaus community as it wasn’t the right solution at that time due to the volume of people in the community and returned to the garage. We visited him at the garage and brought him into the East Riding Crash Pad to give him an address for him to correspond from, to engage with other agencies and for us to work with him to search for permanent housing.

He moved into the ER Crash Pad successfully and it became apparent straight away that this was the better option for him as it gave him a secure space without outside influences or a group of people. It also enabled us to assist him with court proceedings in relation to family matters to gain contact with his son.  It would greatly support his request for contact if he gained a permanent address and the temporary address was also of great benefit.

Within days of entering the Crash pad, 5 viewings for properties were booked and these viewings took place. This resulted in him being accepted for a property which then led to a request to East Riding Housing Team for assistance with the bond and first month rent.

Whilst waiting to move we referred him to SSAFA who were very keen to help. As a result they are working on supplying him with white goods ready for his move. He is also engaging with a mental health support team.

During this period great strides have been made in terms of contact with his son. He is having successful supervised visits with his son once a week. Further it has been recommended by the local authority that this will be made permanent under a Court Order in the next few weeks.

He is also applying for permanent jobs and has been successful in getting through the initial assessment stage for a full time position for which he will be well suited.

Aside from providing an address and a roof over his head, this facility has given us significant and important time to work with this gentleman. A big hurdle to overcome was his distrust of authority and professionals who he believed were making important decisions regarding his future without understanding his difficulties and listening to him. This caused enormous problems as it was resulting in him losing his temper with them and disengaging and the conclusion would usually be that he will simply be further behind in making any advancements. However during his time in the Crash Pad it has enabled him to have communication lines consistently with those agencies who needed to be in contact with him and he has been able to build bridges with people who he had previously fallen out with so making significant advancements.

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