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Case Study August 2019

The Outreach Team had been informed by the Police that there was a couple sleeping in a derelict building within the City.  The police had already attended prior to the Outreach Team being informed.  Due to the site being extremely hazardous we attended with the Fire Brigade to identify this couple and offer support. When we arrived at the location it soon became apparent that this couple were rough sleeping in conditions that were unacceptable.  The man hole covers that he been removed, glass and other hazardous object were scattered around the site. The Outreach team entered the building with torches and after some time managed to locate the couple at the back of the building.  We identified ourselves and offered support as we needed to get them into accommodation which was safe. The couple engaged with the Outreach Team but straight away said that they didn’t want to be separated as they had been together 22 years.  We explained that it may not be possible to accommodate them in a double room, but would they accept a two single rooms in the same hostel.  They stated that they wanted to work with us and would accepts anything if they […]

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National Assembly

National Assembly Experience

Abdul’s Assembly Experience I learnt that the opportunities around other Emmaus are all different and have different ideas. My retail workshop was interesting as I learnt how to set up a retail shop and also find out what the customers want to see within it. I also learnt how to maximize the space and use this effectively I’m proud to have been given the opportunity to attend the assembly and what it had to offer.  I also felt meeting other team leaders and companions was very informative as it gave a great insight of how other Emmaus are run. I would recommend Emmaus because it gives people a fresh start and doesn’t judge your past. It opens doors to you, which in the past may have been closed.  I’m humbled to be part of the Emmaus community. Hayley’s Assembly Experience I learnt that being part of a bigger team enables me to look at the bigger picture when It comes to Emmaus and the opportunities that it has to offers. I did a workshop that helped me to gain information for when I eventually decide to move on. It also helped me to gain skills around budgeting and being independent. I’m proud of being part of Emmaus and how […]

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A Long but Rewarding Journey

The outreach team have been working with a female, long-term rough sleeper with heroin and spice addictions. She has also suffered domestic violence at the hands of her former partner and childhood sexual abuse from her father, which has led to a lack of trust in people, low self-esteem and mental health issues. She wasn’t engaging with any other services at this time, other than us. Over a lengthy period of time, the team built up a good relationship and trust with her as well as her new partner. The outreach team had made several appointments to set up an ESA claim, which she kept missing or declining to attend. After lengthy decisions about accommodation and which hostel she would be happy in, the Crossings was identified as suitable – but only if her partner could go with her. With accommodation scarce, accessing two rooms at once would be very hard but if she occupied the next room that became available, her partner would be the next on the waiting list. However, when the next room did become available it was declined. However, the following day the outreach team persuaded her to move to the room, which this time she […]

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