Outcome Star

As part of our continued support at Emmaus Hull and East Riding we use the nationally recognised tool Outcomes Star to measure and visualise growth. Following its introduction over 10 years ago it has become a popular and successful tool used in frontline services of homelessness. As you can see the star focuses on 10 key areas that are directly linked to homelessness. The star is reviewed quarterly monitoring progression or degression if that may be the case.




The Outcomes Star is evidenced in effectiveness for measuring growth and change. The research article below demonstrates the validity and reliability of the outcomes star. In this article the Homelessness Star was used with 15 men in a homeless shelter over a 6 week period. Two domains were chosen to focus their change efforts on by each participant. The study shows that each participant displayed statistically significant change. It is concluded by the authors that the tool is effective in guiding homeless individuals further to self-reliance and could potentially change the way that homeless services share and provide support to the homeless population.


Quote from a companion

I thought it was silly when I first saw it but I actually enjoyed it and found it really helpful. I feel more focused on my goals now”

More information on how it works: Guiding Homeless Persons to Self-Reliance Using the Outcomes Star™ for Homelessness