The Referral Process

Opened in 2016 The Orchard is a purpose built building with 30 en suite rooms, shared dining room, shared lounge and shared games room.

Companion roles available:  

  • Customer Service
  • Van Driver / Assistant
  • Warehouse Operative
  • Logistics Operator
  • Grounds
  • Upcycling and Restoration
  • Outreach Team
  • Housekeeping

We offer:

  • En suite fully furnished room & toiletries
  • Rough Sleeper Outreach Commissioned Service
  • Close to Hull city centre with ease of access to Leeds, Bridlington, Sheffield
  • Annual Football Tournament
  • Solidarity Committee
  • Monthly Upcycling Workshops
  • BBQ’s and regular community activities
  • Pet friendly environment with a cat and tortoise on site and visits from staff dogs
  • Dedicated training hub that offers confidence building, progression skills,
  • E-Learning and development skills
  • Multi Agency working across the city
  • Work placements available.

In order to become a companion there are a number of stages to go through which is known as the referral process. Below is the sequence of events which make up that process.

You can make a referral by email – or in writing, or in person.
Once the referral is received – we will acknowledge this using your preferred contact method the following working day.
A decision will be made in terms of your expression within 48 hours, we will advise you of the outcome within this time frame.
A police check is then started.
We will invite applicants to an interview where we drug test and look at risk management.
If successful you will be invited to take part in a two week taster this can be as a resident
or full time companions during daytime hours.
If the taster is mutually successful you will be offered a place in our community.

We are unable to accept sex offenders or arson offences.  We will accept anyone on Subutex and 40ml of methadone or less depending on engagement and length of time on prescription with a view to reducing.
We have a specialised move on policy that enables and encourages companions to progress. We have a focused support system based on many aspects of the companion core offer. We are only able to deal with low to medium risk.

Download the Referral Form

Emmaus Hull and East Riding enterprises are all closed

To all of our supporters, donors, and friends,

We will be closing our Emmaus enterprises from today, Monday 23rd March 2020.

We thank you for your continued support and encouragement in these difficult times and we are looking forward to a time when we can share our activities with you again.

Our companions are receiving support in our Emmaus community and rest assured we will be working hard to support them through this unprecedented time.

Our Emmaus Outreach team deliver a vital service to vulnerable Rough Sleepers, and we will be working closely with both Hull City Council and East Riding Council to ensure continuity of support.

Please take care......

Emmaus Team