An interview with Victor Karmazyn from Ken Bates Associates

Victor travels around the UK as an Associate member of the company and delivers NVQ Level 2 in Warehousing and Storage & Customer Service with the City and Guild Qualifications. He has been working with Emmaus communities for almost a decade. Initially he worked for a college, when he left Ken approached him to help charities along with the help of the college for funding who could use some free training. For the past 2 years he has run courses for over 200 companions. Ken works hard with the colleges to build relationships and making sure the funding is always available. They have also developed work course material that is relevant to Emmaus companions. Not all companions have advanced reading and writing abilities since they have faced many challenges during their schooling years. He ensures that everyone gets to benefit from the course. He tries to support them as much as he can.

How have these certifications helped companions? 

If a companion goes for a job interview. The interviewer is more attracted to hire people who have these qualifications, especially the City and Guild Qualifications is of national standard. NVQ Level 2 in Warehousing and and Safety have various mandatory units like health and safety and working with others which saves money for the employers as they do not have to put employees through it again. He also helps companions to build CV. He goes and lives with these communities to help understand them better and makes himself available to them. He is quite approachable and helps solve any problems companions have.

Potentially In the future is there an option of developing  these courses as per Emmaus needs?

He runs the 2 Qualifications that are specifically asked for by Emmaus although he has many other skills i.e operating a forklift. Potentially other courses could be developed if the need arises.

We have testimonials from 2 companions that have done these courses and benefitted from them.

I did NVQ’s in warehousing and storage level 2 and customer service level 2 and I passed both. These courses help me in the day to day work that I do in Emmaus Preston. I would like to thank Vic who ran the courses.

Shaun Gregson

Victor is a down to earth guy he makes the learning and the exam fun but you do have to do the work. He explains everything very clearly and makes it easy to understand. If you have any problems, like myself with reading and writing, Vic is happy to sit down with you and help. It is true what Vic says He is no better than me and I am no better than him. He treats everyone with the same respect. Through Vic I have passed my NVQ in Warehousing and storage and Customer service both at level 2. Thanks to Vic’s help this will help me in the future with looking for jobs as I can now put this on my CV. My advice would be to take every course that Vic offers as you might just need it one day

Dean Brocklehurst