Warren’s Journey

My name is Warren,

I was a companion of Hull & East Riding Emmaus from May 2016 until March 2017.

I moved into Emmaus due to finding myself homeless after the break up of my marriage, I was given a list of hostels by the Wilson Centre and Emmaus was included on the list, I visited the site & after discussing my situation with the then housing manager I was invited for a taster, after the 2nd day of my taster I was offered a place as a companion which I accepted gladly.

During my time with Emmaus I was a founding member of the outreach team and also a team leader, I carried out several training courses to improve the skills I had to offer on the outreach team, I also took advantage of several companies whose staff visited the Emmaus site & offered various opportunities to better myself & my employment options.

I received continuous assistance from staff with regards to my access case for access to my daughter from the marriage.

I managed to secure employment in March 2017 so was moved unto the move on process and after a fortnight (with assistance from Kelly Lou) I was able to secure a 1 bedroom housing association flat, I was assisted in furnishing my flat with the essentials I needed by Emmaus and chose to make a financial donation in return for the items I received as part of a moving on solidarity pack so I was able to be comfortable in my new home straight away.

A year later I am still able to speak to the Emmaus support staff if I have any concerns or just for a bit of advise, I am also still welcome to the site as a visitor, I can go to Emmaus for the odd meal or to do some laundry if I am in need or struggling a bit and the staff still give me support & guidance if I need any.

I feel I am completely self sufficient again now which is testament to the assistance, advise & guidance given to me by the Emmaus staff team, I have all my confidence back & am thoroughly enjoying being back as a productive member of society.

I know I can rely on the Staff & companions at Emmaus anytime should I need any further assistance or advise or even just for a bit of conversation every now and then.

I am always willing to return and speak to visitors or new companions about my Emmaus experience and the opportunities of self improvement that are available to all companions.

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