Why should reusing products be a top priority for all?

Why should Reusing products be a top priority for all individuals?

By Juhi Pandya

Juhi Pandya is a 21 year old student of English Literature, living in Mumbai. She has completed  her Graduation with the subject and is now pursuing a Masters in the field of Literature. Apart from this, she has done a course in Content Writing. In addition to her studies, she has also interned as a Proof Reader/ Content Writer in a MNC based in Mumbai.

We live in an era where every individual on this planet is aware about the Global situation and the environmental decline. We are at that point in time, where it is impossible not to talk about this matter. There is no denying that the natural resources of this planet are finite moving towards extinction with a great speed. As kids, we learnt in school that the best way to save our Planet Earth is by using the principle of the Three Rs : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. And while reducing our consumption is still an option, the best way to go about it in today’s date is by applying the principles on Reusing and Recycling.

We use wood and the other raw materials we get from forests in a lot of our products. But deforestation poses as a very serious threat and is one of the leading causes of Global Warming. While the amount of deforestation has gone down drastically over the course of the last two decades, so has the quality and the quantity of the forests around the world. Although some countries have made it one of their priority to change that. Since 1990, Great Britain, Vietnam, Turkey, Spain, India, China, and France, along with a few other countries, have seen an increase in forest lands. But it will still take a long time to bring Earth back to its former glory. Reusing our materials and objects will be the most helpful in achieving that goal.

The second principle of waste management is Reusing. This means that we should reuse the materials as they are, or find some other way in which they can be valuable. Reuse is the best environment-friendly method of waste management. It not only saves energy and raw materials, but it also reduces the amount of land, water and air pollution that would have been caused by recycling. Reuse also requires less labor and less time compared to recycling. Reuse acts as a way in which people from all socio – economic backgrounds can get the things that they want; from cars to home appliances and office supplies. This way, Reuse also provides the world with economical benefits. In 2019, the second hand goods industry was valued at 26 billion euros.

Apart from the environmental and economical benefits of Reuse, there are many community benefits as well. Since many years, Reuse has been used as a method to supply materials to the lesser fortunate population of the nation. Reuse acts as an excellent way to give back to the community by donating food, clothes, books and other educational material, medical supplies, and so on. Emmaus Hull believes in this ethos and urges all Hull and surrounding area residents to follow the same for the better of the planet and our future generations. Reuse is one of the best methods of waste management. With its numerous environmental, economical, and social benefits, it should surely be a top priority of every individual.